Splash e Spa Tamaro: Come early, stay long

Come early, stay long.

Within a quick reach from Lugano, in Southern Switzerland, Splash e Spa Tamaro offers attractions for both adults and kids alike. Plan on an early arrival during the weekend, or pick a weekday to avoid the crowds. This is one of the main spa locations in the Ticino region, and popularity comes at a price.

Quite sensibly, the sauna area is separated from the rest of the swimming pools and waterslides. There are saunas and relaxation areas both indoors and outdoors, but the highlight is the sun terrace and the dome underneath which you are guaranteed quiet and calm.

Towel show worth the sweat.

There is a rich and entertaining infusion schedule, with a new session running every 60 minutes.  The sauna masters here have exceptional towel spinning skills, and it’s a joy to watch them move the hot air in the room with their towels.

The sauna infusions are often accompanied by music. While music is often complementing the ambiance, it can be a distraction for those who are looking for a calmer and quiet infusion. Still, the whole ceremony is definitely worth watching. You will feel all your tensions melt away as the sauna masters place their aromatic snowballs on hot stones.

Apart from 4 different sauna rooms, temperatures ranging between 65°C and 95°C, there is also an iodized pool, a cold water pool, a steam room, an ice room, Turkish bath, and a Kneipp path. (Learn more about Kneipp paths here.) What I also liked is the detailed explanation of all the different saunas and suggested order of treatments, perfect for the first-timers who wouldn’t know where to start.

Come here if you are looking to combine wellness and relaxation with a bit of fun and socializing. You will be delighted.

Good to know

  • No nudity allowed. Bring your swimwear.
  • Appropriate for groups.
  • Scheduled aufguss sessions available.
  • Walk-ins welcome.
  • Price: $$$$

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