Löyly: Hard to imagine Helsinki without it

Hard to imagine Helsinki without it

Even though it’s opened recently, it has already become very difficult to imagine Helsinki without Löyly. This wooden sculpture boasts proudly on the southern shore of the city, attracting the hippest of tourists and locals alike. The restaurant and the bar alone are reasons to visit, serving as a great place for socializing and events. However, the saunas are an absolute must for any sauna enthusiast – the beginner and the seasoned explorers.

What’s so special about this place for me is the direct access to the Baltic Sea. Here, after having sweated in any of the public saunas, you have two options to cool down. Either you’ll take the stylish showers in the main hall, or you show everyone how brave you are by dipping into the ice cold Baltic sea from the wooden terrace. 

And the saunas themselves are worth the sweat too. There’s a wood-burning sauna, and a smoke sauna, both incredibly well designed and just perfect to relax in. You’ve got to mind the crowds though and reserve your spot before arriving. 

Good to know

  • No nudity allowed. Bring your swimwear.
  • Best enjoyed with friends. It’s quite social here, and you’ll want someone to take your picture in this Instagram heaven.
  • No aufguss sessions.
  • Booking in advance is highly recommended. But try your luck with a walk-in.
  • Price: $$$$

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