Sauna am See – Seebad Enge: A Zurich classic

A Zurich Classic.

Sauna am See is hands down the best sauna that’s floating on the Zurich lake, which gives you have access to a unique vantage point to the city. Located between Bahnhof Enge and Bürkliplatz, this central sauna / bathing / water-sports club, is perfect for quick relaxation after work on a week day, or a longer stay over dark, cold, lazy Sundays.

The sauna here is open to all genders on most days, and swimwear is not allowed. That said, it is not an entirely nudist space, which makes it a good place to come for those who are a little shy, but still want to enjoy the sauna the proper way.

What I love about this place is its simplicity and the easy access to the lake. In fact, if you want to cool down after the sauna, you only have two options: Either a cold shower or a skinny dip into the Zurich lake.

There are 3 small sauna rooms with unique views to the city and the lake. There is also plenty of indoor and outdoor space to relax and sit in silence. The wooden platform in front of the sauna rooms is ideal for relaxing with a beer, and it is possible to enjoy delicious and healthy soups inside the little cabin where reception is. Just expect some crowds, especially if you come during peak times.

Good to know

  • No swimwear allowed in the sauna.
  • Best enjoyed alone, or in a small group of adults. Speaking is not encouraged in the sauna rooms. Open air areas are pretty social, though. 
  • No sauna infusions.
  • Walk-ins welcome.
  • Price: $$$$

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