Exploring Saunas Around the World

Saunas are originated in Finland 10 thousand years ago. But many cultures in history, the Russian, the Roman, the Japanese, the German, the Turkish, the Native American and many others, have invented their own version of bathing in the heat for medical, social and spiritual reasons.

Some of us are lucky enough to be born in countries where the sauna culture still lives on today. Some others, being foreign to the concept, find the sauna experience odd, boring, and not worth trying. But if you’re reading this, perhaps you’ve had that one person in your life, who’s taken their first cold dip after their first sauna experience, and ended up feeling completely revived and alive. Perhaps that adrenaline-filled smile on their red, hot face was their way of saying “thank you for introducing me to this!”

Perhaps, when you had your first ice-cold dip, overcoming all the fear and hesitation in your head, you felt so good that you asked yourself why you haven’t tried this before.

It’s understandable. People have lots of misconceptions or hesitations about saunas. That simple wooden hut can be really hard to get into, especially if one does not know about the customs in that particular place, or does not feel comfortable with their body, or the heat. But once you’ve tried it, once you’ve taken a tiny step outside that comfort zone, you might understand why the sauna is so good for the body, the mind, and the soul.

The mission of Sauna Explorers is to encourage everyone to try the sauna experience, on their own terms. This is why this website introduces all the saunas I have personally visited, with all the crucial information that I wish I had known. Hopefully this will help the hesitant first-timers, and will give ideas and inspiration for all the sauna enthusiasts.

From sauna, with love.

Mine the Sauna Explorer – Instagram: @sauna_explorers

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