The Finnish Church in London: A delightful cliché

This is such a delightful cliché!

In a city where it’s so hard to find affordable and proper saunas, the Finns have done the most reasonable thing: they’ve opened a sauna in their own church!

If you are a Londoner, this is your cheapest, quickest and the most authentic option to get a dose of sauna for your survival. At the basement of the Finnish church in Rotherhithe, South East London, you’ll find this small and cosy sauna, opening into a shower room, and a changing room with a few benches to sit on. There’s not much else to this place, and quite frankly, not much else you need!

Check their website for the opening hours, and try to go as soon as it opens as the sauna can take only a few people at the same time. The sessions are always separate for men and women, but expect to be completely naked and very close with the other sauna guests as the space is really small.

Don’t be too fussy about luxury or privacy, and what you’ll find here is a great sense of community, lively chats in the sauna and the changing rooms, like-minded sauna-goers and of course, some proper löyly.

Good to know

  • No swimwear allowed. 
  • Men and women go separate hours.
  • Walk-ins only. First come, first served.
  • Come alone, or with a friend. Bigger groups probably won’t fit.
  • No aufguss sessions.
  • Price: $$$$

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