Allas Sea Pool: A celebration of water in the heart of Helsinki

A celebration of water

Helsinki is a town that truly enjoys being by the Baltic Sea, and Allas Sea Pool is a testament to that.

This place is a perfect example of how an urban wellness oasis should be. Here you’ll find 3 swimming pools: a warm pool, a children’s pool, and a seawater pool, as the name suggests. On the platform above the pools, you’ll find the saunas: one for women only, one for men, and a mixed gender sauna that can be used when there are no private events.

Apart from offering plenty of sauna and bathing options, you can relax, socialize, eat, drink and watch the magnificent views over the city here. If Finland is really one of the happiest countries on earth, I bet Allas Sea Pool has a contribution to that, at least for the Helsinki folk.


I came here on a sunny summer day and ended up getting properly sun-burnt on the deck by the pools. There were also a lot of social evenings, cinema nights and other celebrations over the summer. However I find myself looking at their Events Calendar in envy all throughout the year – and I made a promise to go back here especially to join the sauna yoga class, and skinny dipping night.

Given the popularity of the place, and the fact that there’s so much to do, the saunas can sometimes feel too crowded or even hectic. I’d say there are so many special things here in Allas Sea Pool, that saunas themselves are not the only highlight. The architecture, the social scene, the pools and the views of the city are all adding up to the pleasure here.

Good to know

  • No nudity. Put on your swimwear.
  • There are separate saunas for men and women and a mixed gender sauna. 
  • You can come with children. They’ll find plenty of entertainment.
  • Walk-ins welcome.
  • Price: $$$$$



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