Kotiharjun Sauna: Steaming Helsinki since 1928

Steaming Helsinki since 1928

The family-run Kotiharjun sauna is located near the laid-back, bohemian Kallio district in north-east Helsinki. Although it has been renovated in 1999, stepping into the sauna facilities, shower rooms and the changing rooms feel like time travel back to a hundred years ago. And this is no museum! In the Kotiharjun sauna, you will experience history first hand: You’ll sweat, bathe and relax exactly the same way people did back in 1920’s.


The sauna and relaxing areas are separate for men and women here, and both areas are quite spacious. You can rent towels, snacks and refreshments from the reception, so no need to bring anything else. This sauna is best enjoyed without swimwear.

Inside the sauna, you’ll need to read instructions carefully if you want to work out how to steam the ancient wood sauna. I won’t give spoilers here. You can also pick up some birch leaves from the shower room, and whisk your legs, arms and back with it while sweating in the sauna.

Good to know

  • Men and women sauna on separate floors.
  • Best enjoyed with a friend or group of friends.
  • Walk-ins welcome
  • Price: $$$$$


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